In the United States, general aviation is home to thousands of companies exercising the privileges of air charter operating under the regulation of the Federal Aviation Administration. With such a high volume of choices it can be difficult to distinguish the safety practices of each air carrier. By entrusting us as your experienced choice in private travel, we simplify this process by providing uncommon levels of fleet insight complimentary to your trips itinerary. We work tirelessly to review your options and ultimately find you reliable and trusted transportation

Safer skies through quality control.

At RightFlight, we believe you deserve to understand the working elements behind your flight. By employing our proven safety management system we are quickly able to discern the most trusted travel options in the industry.  In doing so, we research all operators before recommending their services to clients.  We take the following measures to ensure your safety on every flight:

– Comprehensive assesment of operator safety history.

– Your specific aircraft’s operational history, including damage and prior incidents.

– On-site operator facilities inspection to ensure a culture of quality and safety.

– Evaluation of pilot qualifications, currency, and experience.