Summer has started with a bang as hundreds of travelers take to the skies! With beautiful beaches and exhilarating city nights, private travelers have answered to their call with record breaking charter bookings. Now with more and more vacationers traveling via charter here are the 3 biggest mistakes to look out for before reserving your next private aircraft.

#4 Wrong Plane for the Wrong Job.
By far, one of the most common mistakes when booking private travel is choosing a less than ideal aircraft to serve the journey. Some planes are best suited for specific trips with the ultimate truth being that you can’t make a light jet do a heavy jet’s job. In other words, an Eclipse 500 isn’t the ideal fit for a transcontinental flight for four passengers. Additionally, many clients will also overlook the weight and space limitations of specific aircraft. Sometimes the cargo space allocated on smaller aircraft just is not suitable for extended trips or even long journeys. This goes without mentioning the issues a small cabin may present for a full-capacity- extended range- flight. These types of situations should be considered prior to booking and can make for a troubling start to a vacation if left unhandled.

 #3 Impulsivity

The private jet traveler is one where time is of vital importance- maybe moreso than most.  It is with that inherent need to confirm travel details that many succumb to the pitfall of impulsivity.  All too often, brokers and air carriers alike take advantage of their clients by overcharging for trips.  They do so because they know their clients are ready to “close” on a particular flight. Rather than wait to scope out other viable trip options, sometimes clients “jump” on the first reasonable trip. This can sometimes be a costly mistake whereas holding out for just a while longer could have reaped big savings! 

#2 Booking with poorly credited operators.
No one wants to be left sitting at the airport wondering where their plane is. Finding quality operators is the most important step to an enjoyable charter experience. The last thing anyone wants is to be left hanging with poor customer service, a rude pilot, and/or a hard landing. By taking the right steps to book with industry accredited air carriers, you can avoid the headaches of dealing with poorly managed operations. Consider only booking with those carriers who hold industry accreditations such as Wyvern, ARGUS platinum, and IS-BAO standard operators. If unsure of how to obtain this information, consider booking with a broker who can give you a comprehensive breakdown of the air carriers track record. Clients who are informed about their travel avoid the annoyances that are to be experienced with less than reputable companies. Do your research!

#1 Over-reliance on travel apps.
While everyone can agree that the online marketplace for private aviation has given a new dawn to the industry, over-reliance or exclusively booking with these methods can hinder clients. With hundreds of operators in the United States alone, no one phone-based software solution can cover all the options. In many cases having a broker or even making a few educated calls can save travelers big money. Companies have now, more than ever, turned to customer service to show clients that phone apps aren’t always the best choice. Several companies have even taken to special promotions and elevated services to earn customer relationships. It is nice having a mobile based application to instantly view trips, but what about the aircraft options the software failed to list? These are instances where experience is key. Insider Industry relationships have the power to change a client’s entire travel experience. Its best not to preclude options simply because it may be convenient. A wide scope of options, many times outside of mobile apps, can present a plethora of other travel freedoms!

It’s inevitable that more and more people will take to private flight as commercial travel becomes more restrictive and inconvenient. By being a discerning traveler many can avoid the pitfall of making these three frustrating mistakes. But like anything, “the more you do it, the better you get”. We can only assume the same for private charter.