There seems to be a stigma to flying private– “Isn’t that considered a luxury only for the rich and famous?” — is the running narrative I often hear when talking to people about general aviation.  The fact of the matter is; for many, private aviation is much more than simply a luxury to satisfy the tastes of only the rich and famous.  In a rapidly changing world, air charter serves a need: fast, efficient, customizable transportation.

It’s no question that flying private isn’t always the cheapest way to fly; nevertheless, the convenience offered by a personal or corporate aircraft, many times, out-weigh the cost factor.  Those who utilize private aviation, in some cases, can experience cost savings or even generate significant business returns. Maintaining our fast-paced developed world comes at a price, and for those responsible for upholding the goods and services we all depend on, waiting 3 hours for the next available flight to New York on the airlines might be a costly mistake when a time critical business decision is on the line.

Flying private offers the ability to customize your travel experience. From selecting your aircraft to deciding exactly when and where to leave, clients experience an unparalleled level of customization and selection. And with over 5,000 airports nationwide, customers get a much wider selection of destinations than the mere 50 bustling hubs offered by commercial carriers.  This means that when you fly private, you gain access to literally hundreds of options that put you significantly closer to where you are ultimately trying to be.  And considering that most private jets fly higher and faster than the airlines, you literally can save hours on travel time.  That is not to mention the avoidance of the most dreaded travel realities that are lone security lines and frustrating connecting flights.

On a lighter note, though, personal aircraft are simply more comfortable.  Whether it’s having your pet along-side you for the entirety of your trip or bringing your friends and family, private aviation offers a very inclusive environment for all.  Choose your cuisine with add-on services like catering or even have your rental car pick you up beside your aircraft upon arrival. The bottom line is that the benefits of private aviation quite frankly span as far as the creativity of your schedule and itinerary.