This year alone, nearly 3.1 billion people will take to the skies as a means of transportation. Whether by way of American Airlines or Delta Private Jets, aviation serves as the method by which many fulfill their growing need to travel. With demands expecting to exceed that of nearly 3.3 billion by next year, it’s time for people to start understanding the critical role air travel plays in our modern world. The fact of the matter is, aviation is the most vital source of infrastructure necessary to develop and maintain a modern, more capable, society.

Along the obvious side of the matter is the role air travel plays in business. More often than not, it is aviation that provides the means by which business executives, investors, and even employees themselves, exploit financial opportunities which may ultimately lead to the growth of national GDP. From training employees at corporate conferences to hosting the big meeting for a business alliance, aviation is the fabric which makes those interactions possible. Even when we look at countries as a whole such as: Kenya, Cambodia, Jordan, and Jamaica, we have observed direct growth to GDP as capital investments were made to aviation. Ultimately, commerce is only as capable as the infrastructures which make them possible to grow. Without investing and paying mind to those aspects, we turn a blind eye to the potential advancement we can anticipate from utilizing its benefits and furthermore neglect the limits set forth by its necessity. We should regard aviation as the most paramount of such “aspects”.

On a more worldly note, aviation, is further a pivotal asset when dealing with international relations. Consider the United States government, including its military, which utilizes aviation chiefly to provide the mere capability of having foreign relations at all. Need an example? Air Force One, Marine One, the Secretary of State’s’ private aircraft; even the individual state governments, many which fund their own aviation departments, all testify to the ways our government seeks advantage through air travel. Beyond the universal implementation of military air force, diplomatic uses of the capability are just as prominent. It is almost impossible to know where national relationships would be without the ability to actually bring those who lead us together in the physical sense. Aviation provides that timely reliable capability.

Nevertheless; it comes down to you, the individual, and why aviation should matter. Disregarding how you feel about the subject, one way or another, aviation is the world that holds your world together. Whether it be the perfect getaway, the daily mail, or the life saving donor organ from California; chances are, aviation somehow has an integral part in every product and service imaginable. Without considering the 1.73 million people who will board flights tomorrow in the US, your daily life depends on aviation. From commerce, to government, to you, aviation is the infrastructure that Wilbur and Orville have promised a better, more capable, world.